Our Executive Team

Colby Brown
Founding Principal & CEO

Colby Brown specializes in forecasting models that support regional transportation planning studies. Colby has developed over twenty land use models for American metro areas, including integrated models for cities such as Asheville, Boise, Fresno, San Diego, and Los Angeles.  He has also designed and developed software tools for analyzing transportation accessibility and non-motorized travel. 

Ya Wang, PhD
Principal & CTO

Ya Wang specializes in machine learning, data analysis, and quality assurance. With technical and managerial experience from both public and private sectors, Ya has lead dozens of projects in transportation modeling, enterprise GIS system deployment, API based application development, and data analytics. She has a track record of getting work done and is recognized as a technical leader among coworkers.

Derek Miura
Principal & COO

Derek Miura has a broad background in model development, data analysis and support. He has project experience in consulting, software, and government at both federal and state DOT levels. Derek's diverse professional experience has provided him with significant institutional knowledge in the transportation planning industry. He is currently the lead manager of Manhan's on-going CTPP project .